Wow Oil (0.5oz) by The Vital Image

Wow Oil (0.5oz) by The Vital Image


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WHY WE CALL IT WOW! Oil--All you have to do is use it once and you will know why!! WOW! Oil, when used under Complexes such as Skin Renewal Complex, Amino Complex, and Cleopatra's Dream smoothes, plumps and brings healthy color to your skin within seconds!

A critical aspect of your skin health is its relationship with your immune system. The exceptionally high frequencies contained in this combination of natural, organic, unadulterated cold extracted oils make this blend particularly effective, since about 50% of our T cells are said to be in our skin. When skin's crucial functions are impaired from being performed skin degeneration takes place, which is evident in its appearance.

WOW! Oil is excellent for improving the appearance of:
  • Loose eyelids
  • Undereye wrinkles
  • Drooping cheeks
  • Overall tone and texture of your skin
HOW TO USE WOW! Oil: The secret of WOW! Oil is to use it sparingly. After all it is oil and needs to be water soluble to work in your skin. If you use too much, the COPS (Charged Organic Particles) in the Complex will be unable to break it down into a water soluble nutrients.
  1. Wash your skin.
  2. Apply the WOW! oil sparingly starting with your problem area. Start with the eye zone. Use the equivalent of 3 or so drops for your face and a couple more on your neck.
  3. Smooth on your usual amount of Skin Renewal Complex, Cherry/Yam Complex, Cleopatra's Dream, etc.
  4. Phyto Hydrator--You may find that you need to use less than usual. In any case, wait 30 seconds or so before using the PhytoHydrator.
WOW! Oil is great to use at night to take advantage of the midnight to 4:00 am regeneration period. Or you can use it as part of your morning routine also.

How often should you use WOW! oil? Every night is fine or you can skip a day or two per week. Find your own rhythm.

Contains: WOW! oil is a blend of 26 pure and light plant oils (some exotic) which contain important skin beautifying properties. One of the rare oils is ood oil from India which is a bargain at $350 per 5 milliliters!! Contains: 26 oils, 8 exotic oils--Grapeseed, eucalyptus (amber and white), vitamin E, hazel nut, apricot, avocado, olive, almond, flax, lemon grass, rose oil, tea tree oil (Australian), yum oil, ood oil, sage, sassafras, aceite de rosa.

Size: 0.5 oz amber glass bottle.

*Solvent-Free Extracts & Oils*

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