Nourishing Body Milk (8oz) by The Vital Image

Nourishing Body Milk (8oz) by The Vital Image

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Product Description

An Anti-Aging Nutrient/Moisturizing Complex Designed for Your Body. A fantastic blend of organic herbs--as light as a feather but rich too. The formula was designed to nourish, moisturize and repair dry aging skin. This fabulous lotion has the color and consistency of partially whipped cream with a light, organic fragrance natural to the blend. No other aroma has been added. It leaves your skin feeling moist, fresh and, well, nourished!!

Directions for use:
  • Product may separate (this is normal), Always shake bottle well before using (to evenly distribute the oxygenated particles and maximize results).
  • Apply Nourishing Body Milk all over your body. For best results, apply immediately after you get out of the shower(and dry off) to help seal in moisture.
  • For Extremely dry and damaged skin:
    1. A thicker coat of Nourishing Body Milk may initially be required.
    2. Try spraying your skin with Phyto Hydrator prior to applying Nourishing Body Milk for extra conditioning.
Contains: Charged Organic Particles (COPS), butchers broom extract, rosemary, rose extract (solvent-free), ginseng extract, horsetail extract, safflower oil, guarana extract, lemon extract, witch hazel extract, kelp extract, carrot oil, thyme extract, yellow dock extract, wormwood extract. TVI uses proprietary cold-processing solvent-free extraction methods on all their ingredients, to produce the ONLY raw and living skin care line on the market.

Size: 8 oz Bottle.

*Scented with natural (solvent-free) plant extracts*Safe for Vegans*

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