Cleopatras Dream by The Vital Image

Cleopatras Dream by The Vital Image

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Product Description

For Those Who Demand the Very Best! Enjoy the lifelong Beauty of Luminous, Healthy Skin. For Women & Men: Look 10 Years Younger.

Benefits Include:
  • Luminous, vital glow soon after 1st treatment!
  • Incredibly better than a peel and facelift.
  • Plump, tone and tighten skin.
  • Contour, firm and lift facial skin.
  • No acids, just pure powerful super nutrition.
Is Skin Rejuvenation Possible? The latest popular methods of dramatic skin treatments include: Face lifts--cutting and stretching which may leave you with the same tired skin and the risk of perhaps not looking like yourself. Acids/Peels--skin irritants that force a healing reaction of cosmetic effect. This constant irritation eventually exhausts skin and as some experts believe, increases premature aging.
Why Cleopatra�s Dream performs:
Extracts from over 500 fresh organic plants are stabilized in our proprietary energizing blend that hugely enhances their potency and gives the skin instant, living nutrition. Every application contains 200% of every vitamin, essential amino acid, mineral, anti-oxidant and nutrient that your skin needs. Your reward is to enjoy timeless skin: beautiful skin that looks great at any age.
Why is "Cleo�s Dream" unique?
We call it Bio-Enhancing. Cleopatra�s Dream�s proprietary COPS create amazing cleansing, hydrating and feeding of the skin and rids it of damaged, dead or dry cells. These are billions of Charged Organic Particles that are Sub microscopic--we call them �COPS�. When propelled by the action of the COPS--the catalytic skin perfectors, old skin comes off and the new skin bursts to the surface hydrated, smooth, clear, vitalized, and ready to fully carry out its functions beautifully. Use Cleopatra�s Dream to assure total nutrition for your skin.
Your result? Younger looking, healthier, clearer, glowing, firmer, more elastic, contoured, lifted, exfoliated, moist, oxygenated, relieved of redness or ruddiness, more defined, refined, repaired, strengthened, plumper, thicker, smoother, luminous, vital, beautiful skin that until now was way beyond your wildest dreams!

Directions for use:
  1. Cleanse with Face & Body Wash and Grime Fighter, or Waterless Cleanser.
  2. Smooth a pearl sized amount over your entire face including the eye zone.
  3. For even more richness, add a drop of Lipid Complex or Wow! Oil.
  4. Works alone or synergistically over one or more of the: Skin Renewal Complex or Cherry Yam Complexes. Great over Vitamin C Serum.
To get best results use the above program as follows:
  • Week 1: Treat every evening for 7 evenings in a row or more.
  • Week 2 and thereafter: Treat 3 times a week or more often if your skin needs a lot of repair--sun damage, wrinkles, dryness, etc..
  • Cleopatra's Dream is fabulous for special occasions. Apply 1 hour before make-up.
Contains: Charged Organic Particles (COPS), passion flower extract, rosemary oil, witch hazel, guarana, butcher�s broom, ginseng, dandelion, barbery, mugwart, horsetail, rhubarb, hops, agrimony, uva ursi, fo-ti, kava kava, safflower oil, lemon, lemon, carrot oil, plantain, irish moss, damiana, oats, licorice, mint, fennel, cinnamon oil, buckthorn bark, cayenne, asparagus, broccoli, cinnamon oil, watermelon skin, Japanese fresh mushroom, etc.. Contains 200% of all vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids Cleopatra�s Dream is concentrated with active ingredients, is biodegradable, pro-ecology, food grade, and not tested on animals. TVI uses proprietary cold-processing solvent-free extraction methods on all their ingredients, to produce the ONLY raw and living skin care line on the market.

Available in 2 Sizes: Small (30 Treatments) & Large (150 Treatments). Sorry, samples are not available for this product.

*Safe for Vegans* Contains Oats*

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