Pumpkin Antioxidant Masque (1.25oz) by The Vital Image

Pumpkin Antioxidant Masque (1.25oz) by The Vital Image

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Product Description

Pumpkin Anti-oxydant Masque, with Enzymes.
Delivers antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate skin.  Gain a polished, firmer and more lustrous appearance.


Pumpkin Anti-oxydant Masque because sometimes your face needs a pick-me-up booster shot. Expect your face to look as good as it feels!

Revive, polish, repair, firm and rejuvenate skin while conquering free radical damage.

To many of our users this is a masterpiece. Probably the abundance of beta-carotene and other carefully selected nutrients is what gives the skin a polished, firm and youthful look.

Pumpkin is naturally abundant in beta-carotene and other skin beautifying nutrients and enzymes that rid dead cells by smoothing the skin to display a youthful glow.

To give your skin that special "pick-me-up" Pumpkin Antioxidant Masque is excellent and has picked up a significant group of cheerleaders.

  • Remove dead skin cells that may bring to light that hiding healthy beautiful  skin cell activity you deserve
  • Deliver antioxidants to repair,refresh rejuvenate that appealing face you were meant to be
  • Gain a polished, firmer and more lustrous appearance--sex appeal can never be overrated.
How to Use Pumpkin Antioxidant Masque
  1. Coat face and neck with the Masque
  2. Avoid directly under the eyes and the eyelids as the Masque is a bit tingly
  3. *Leave on for about 5 to 20 minutes, depending on your skin sensitivity
  4. Remove with a warm, wet cloth
  5. Continue with your normal nourishing and moisturizing routine.

*First time user leave on for 5 minutes or less.

Next time, increase time as your skin comfort allows.

Contains: Fermented pumpkin extract and paste, pumpkin enzyme, Vitamin E, Charged Organic Particles(COPS).

Size: 1.25 oz Squeeze Bottle.

Store in a cool, dark, place.

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