Shaving Miracle by The Vital Image

Shaving Miracle by The Vital Image

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Natural + Hi Tech = The Best Shave Ever for Men & Women. Don't shave a single hair off your face, legs, underarms or bikini line until you read this. No more irritated skin, nicks, scratches or razor burns. Use the only high tech, all natural, hypoallergenic shaving solution!
  • Closest, quickest, smoothest, non-irritating shave!
  • The only all natural aid that uses space-age technology.
  • NO harmful chemicals, creams, oils, foams. . .
  • Longest-lasting shave--look freshly shaved all day, plus.
  • Exceptional: Cleans & rejuvenates skin as you shave.
  • Adds revitalizing moisture that makes your skin glow.
  • Works to plump, tone, tighten skin & normalize pore size.
  • Absolutely the best--does it all even for sensitive skins.
  • Clear lotion, see what you shave, great for beards, etc.
For those who demand the very best! Yes, It's that good! Shaving Miracle--designed to work with your skin, not against it. We insisted that Shaving Miracle had to be hypoallergenic so as not to irritate or destroy skin's protective shield, the acid mantle. With our scientists we designed Shaving Miracle to work with your skin, not against it! When tested, this shaving aid and cleanser was better than anything we found on the market (or we would not be sharing it with you). The breakthrough that changed shaving forever! The Charged Organic Particles (COPS) that are in all our products, constantly repel each other and reduce the surface tension of water. This makes water wetter--splendid for shaving and for loosening dirt and grime that is unreachable by soaps. They eliminate the need for objectionable chemicals such as alcohol, emulsifiers, surfactants, preservatives. . . found in popular shaving products. Yet, our natural elements do the same work, only better, with only benefits to skin and with no negative side effects. Shaving Miracle makes the hair stretch outward and provides a protective surface that lets the blade glide over, not scrape the skin. This gives you the closest, smoothest, most comfortable shave possible every time!

Directions for use:
  1. For best results saturate areas to be shaved with hot or warm water.
  2. Coat face or area to be shaved thoroughly with 10-20 drops of Shaving Miracle. Repeat 1 & 2 times for extra heavy beards.
  3. Shave area using a very light touch.
  4. Re-apply Shaving MIracle and leave on skin to moisturize and rejuvenate.
Contains: Aloe vera gel, Deionized water, Charged Organic Particles (COPS), carragenan (Irish Moss), lemon extract, natural plant essences(solvent-free).

Size: 8 oz Bottle & 2 oz Travel Size.

*Scented with solvent-free natural plant extracts*

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