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Product Description

Formerly called: Skin Renewal Pac with 4oz Grime Fighter

For All Skin Types. A great way to introduce your skin to ultimate health. The Skin Renewal Pac is an excellent first step for everyone to rejuvenate their skin. It is the initial contact your skin will have with topical nutrition that will rejuvenate it at the cellular level.

Directions for Use: The advantage of using the revolutionary Skin Renewal system is that you will love how easily, in just 2 minutes a day, you can gain immediate and continuous, visible improvements. In 30 days, you and others will see skin health and beauty beyond your expectations--Guaranteed! Each product is packed with natural skin enhancing plant extracts and other nutritional ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These can only be absorbed into the skin and made effective by the Charged Organic Particles that are Submicroscopic (COPS). Beautify your skin by using the quick and easy steps below:
  1. Face & Body Wash - The 1st step in the skin renewal system.
  2. Grime Fighter - Apply after cleaning with Face & Body Wash.
  3. Collagen Builder (not included in pac) - Apply after the Grime Fighter.
  4. Phyto Hydrator - Apply after Collagen Builder.
  5. Skin Renewal Complex - Apply after the Phyto Hydrator or Any time after you wash your face.
Pac Contains 4 Items:
  • 8 oz Face & Body Wash
  • 4 oz Grime Fighter
  • 2 oz Phyto Hydrator
  • 1/3 oz Skin Renewal AM/PMFormerly called Skin Renewal Complex

    - See individual products for ingredients.
Size: 1 Pac

**The Skin Renewal Complex contains bee pollen - may not be suitable for vegans**

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