Waterless Cleanser/Toner by The Vital Image

Waterless Cleanser/Toner by The Vital Image

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Discontinued by The Vital Image: "Waterless Cleanser was originally created to be a milder version of Grime Fighter. Over the last few years we have improved Grime Fighter and it became the same basic product as the Waterless Cleanser. So we have consolidated and now only offer the Grime Fighter.

Customers who like the Waterless Cleanser will love the Grime Fighter and have no issues with how it works for them. Of course we also always guarantee everything." - The Vital Image

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Product Description

Great cleansing action without the need for water. Perfect for camping or anytime you find using water inconvenient.

You need Waterless Cleanser if you you want to:
  • Eliminate negative, premature aging, toxic effects from chlorine, fluoride or hundreds of other toxic chemicals contained in city water that weaken skin.
  • Ensure / verify that you completely rid skin of excess oil, bacteria, dead skin and dirt.
  • Prepare skin to achieve maximum nutritional benefits from your Vital Image skin-care routine.
  • Maximize oxygenation, alkalizing, moisturizing, nutritional absorption and protect against chemicals and pathogens. These are key to get beautiful, healthy, youthful skin.

Directions for use: After washing skin or on unwashed, dry or wet skin:
  1. Dampen cotton or gauze pad well with Waterless Cleanser.
  2. Apply to skin area in short, gentle, upward strokes.
  3. Continue to replace pad or cottons until they are clean following cleansing action. No need to rinse!!
  4. Rid eye makeup by holding saturated pad to eye for a few seconds, then gently rotate.
Contains: Distilled water, Charged Organic Particles (COPS), essential oils (solvent-free).

Available in 2 sizes: 8 oz Bottle and 1 oz Sample Bottle.

*Scented with solvent-free essential oils* Safe for vegans*

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Average Customer Rating: ratingratingratingratingrating (5.0)
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ratingratingratingratingrating by Beth from Hallandale Beach, FL, United States on 09/01/2015
One of my favorite skin cleaning products! Can't live without! For some reason I do not like to wash my face with water. So given that, I really love this product. I can see on the cotton rounds what dirt/grime has come off and use 2 or 3 rounds until no more residue is seen on the rounds. I have very healthy skin and I am glad for this product. Anyone who like me doesn't like washing their face with water or having to pat their face dry, would most likely love this, IMO.

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