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Date: 8/10/14

My mother has rosacea and used prescription creams on her face to keep it under control. So I bought her some Colostrum Cream and Silk Protein Formula for her birthday last month.

I am happy to report that both products cleared up her rosacea so much that she stopped using her prescription creams!! Thank you Pure Complexions!!!

C.G. Helotes, Texas USA


Date: 10/27/08

I am a new user to your site and wanted to thank you for putting so many chemical free options in one place. Before I found your site, I spent hours unsuccessfully looking for chemical free products online and in stores. I live in Alaska and shipping was a concern for me, but so far the prices have been excellent. Also because I am in Alaska I don't have many in-store options for chemical free so, I am even more thankful for this great online option.

What has brought me to your site? My 15 year battle with acne and my major concern about carcinogenic chemicals in my face/body products. I have just started using your suggested products under the "Acne Related FAQ" section. Even after 15 years, I have hope.

Many thanks,

G.M., Alaska, USA


Date: 10/14/08

Dear Amber and Melissa,

I thought I would give you a good news update.  My first consultation re use of Premier Reseach Lab (PRL) products was July 2008, so it has been about 2-1/2 months since I have been using various PRL products including pH Trio.  I know I haven't mentioned ongoing results, but I have definitely started noticing the positive effects of these products.  It is a small change, but considering where I've been, it is a LARGE change to me.  Inspite of the difficulties, I am experiencing positive overall feelings of better health.  Praise the Lord!!!

I truly thank you from the depths of my heart for all your help and support.  Both of you have helped me get through this period of time and not give up.  I am so thankful.  I look forward to feeling even better during these coming months.  Again, thank you so much! 



Date: 9/3/08

I got my Ph Trio in yesterday. I took it last night and already saw a difference!  Sooooo exciting (Except for the fact that I’m burping Cod Liver Oil.)  But anyways, my husband is hooked on Nucleotide Complex …he felt like he was getting a sinus infection last week and started taking them and he got better right away.  Love it.

Pure Complexions Comments: If you experience "fish oil burping" after taking PRL's Cod Liver Oil capsules, this typically means that your stomach needs some nutritional support. We recommend that you talk to your health practitioner about how to improve your digestion. In many cases, the "burping" will usually stop after 8-10 weeks of taking 2 capsules of Stomach Complex (in tea form) 10 minutes before you eat (three times daily). See directions on our website for how to make a "Digestive Aid Tea". In the mean time you can try eating an organic orange slice prior to taking your cod liver oil doses.



Date: 7/23/08

Thank you for mailing my Vital Image products so swiftly. I ordered on Friday and got them on Monday! I really appreciate the excellent customer service!

I also wanted to say that I really enjoy these products. I got the Face and Body wash, Grime Fighter, and the Collagen Builder. The Face and Body wash was something to get used to, as I'm used to a slight lather, but now I can say without any doubt that my face feels clean, but not too squeaky clean -- that is, this product does not strip me face of anything. It even removes mascara and other makeup. The Grime Fighter is an awesome product too. At first, I thought my face might feel quite dry, but now I can see that it was just my skin getting used to the natural ingredients.

The Collagen Builder is my favorite! I love the fact that it feels so nourishing and not oily at all. I've been using it religiously, but not copiously. My skin really feels nourished and hydrated, and especially smooth. I think I've found my skin protective treatment for life. Plus, I love the non-offensive and very clean scent, and I can't say that for a lot of products as I can't stand strong fragrance. All these products are the best!

Thank you so, so much for the wonderful recommendations! I love that The Vital Image is vegan, too.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I really feel safe using these products, and to thank you for your help in answering my very specific and detailed questions. Thanks for your patience!

I will certainly spread the word about these products and your company!

S.P., West Hollywood, CA


Date: 6/14/08

Thank you for your help. Love the products I bought from you, the (TVI) cleanser, (TVI) toner and colostrum cream is really something else.



Date: 6/13/08
Title: Happy customer

Dear Amber:
I want to thank you for an amazing E-mail.  Thank you for actually looking up the ingredients of the Organic Essentials (Skin Care)  about which I E-mailed you.  I have never experienced such quality service.  You have a passion for what you do and it shows! 



Date: 6/12/08
Title: Happy Telephone Call

I just wanted to say that I love your store!! I especially love the Staff favorites page - everything on Amber's list is perfect for me. I could spend a ton of money here if my husband wasn't looking :). Thank you so much!



Date: 5/20/08

Dear Pure Complexions,
We love what you are doing to educate and provide healthier choices (all in one place) for so many people with your online site.  We are very pleased and proud to partner with you!  

Wendy Steele, Keys Soap


Date: 5/08/08

Dear Pure Complexions,
Thank you for your order and your professionalism we certainly admire and appreciate.   

G. Ruiz, The Vital Image


Date: 2/12/08

The products are so great (Keys Eye Butter & Creme de Rose during the day and the Wow oil a few nights a week with the Real Purity Night Revitalizer. I am also using Advanced Face Polish.) It has been nice to change over to these (natural products)!
My original intention was just to use healthy products, but my skin is so much better, too! Thanks for everything!



Date: 1/22/08
Title: Telephone Testimonial

I love you guys - you have the best stuff!! Thank you so much for recommending Face and Body Wash by The Vital Image. It is the best face wash I've ever tried. I also love the Colostrum Cream, Premier by PRL. My skin feels great since I switched to your all-natural products. My friend even complimented my skin the other day and said it was glowing.



Date: 1/18/08

I just want to thank you guys for being so awesome! Love love love your stuff, and your customer service is great, too! I so appreciate you! Thanks!

D.C., Bellingham, WA US


Date: 1/03/08
Wonderful company

I love this website, it is so informative and I get to try a sample before I buy the product.

K.M., Queensbury, NY US


Date: 11/26/07

I wanted to say thanks for the great products and service! I am very pleased with my choices and will be ordering in the future and recommending this site to my friends as well.

C.H., Manitoba, Canada


Date: 09/29/07

I'm not sure what I searched on to find your site, but I can't wait for my order.  I am having a horrible time finding makeup, soap, etc that doesn't have lots of chemicals and fragrance.  Great site, great shipping options and the rewards program sounds good too.  Oh, and thank goodness for samples because I had no idea what shade to buy on some face makeup.

C.B., North Carolina

  Date: 09/05/07
Title: My Makeup

I just wanted to say that I speedily received my order today, and I love, love, love my Real Purity foundation.  It is not what I expected- I thought it would be runny & liquidy, but it is a delightful cream consistency that covers gorgeously and is not 'masklike'.  The color is perfect, as well!  I am SO glad I took the chance and ordered it.  Thank you!

Betsy C.

  Date: 08/08/07

It amazes me as here in our local health food store all their shampoo products have Sodium Laural Sulfate in or some other harsh ingredient in them and the store owners look at me like I am crazy when I say they are not all natural and organic and I cannot use them....they seem to not be educated about the products they sell.  Therefore I am so happy that I found you and your company last December..I remember you calling me from your home the week before Christmas and you gave me your time and concern.
I have greatly improved over the last ten months (I am still VERY chemically sensitive) and am very grateful for what you do. You go above and beyond what most people would do for others!!  Thank you again!!  I will continue to put my trust in your line of products and continue to recommend your company to others!!!!!!!

S.K., Quakertown, PA

  Date: 07/25/07
Title: Thank You

Dear Melissa and Amber,

I want you both to know how extremely much I appreciate your informative website, your terrific products and the awesome service you provide.

Thank you for all of the above!

Susan S., University City, MS

  Date: 07/22/07
Title: Happy Customer

I just wanted to say thank you for getting my order out to me so fast and also that I LOVE my new Real Purity, Health Glo - Creme Foundation.
It glides on very evenly and doesn't darken throughout the day like other makeups.  I love the texture and that it has no scent!  It seems to control my oil, but doesn't leave me dry.  I hope you keep selling it.

I'm also very happy with your website; I'm an ingredient reader and I prefer natural and organic skin care.

K.H., Chicago, IL

  Date: 04/15/07

Thank you for what you do! I have found the greatest products that I have been searching for in vain for years because of you.

Shiela R., California

  Date: 2/28/07
Title: Thank you!

I just want you to know how thankful I am that I found your web site.  I especially love The Vital Image product line.  I've already told my sister about it, and I'll continue to spread the word.  Thanks for the fantastic, clean, healthy products and for your exceptional customer service.  I love the e-mail feature for items that are temporarily out-of-stock.  And when I place an order, the package arrives with blinding speed.  I also really appreciate your discount program.  Thanks also for sending the sample of the Trillium body polish.  You were right, it is totally addicting!

Laurie, North Carolina

  Date: 03/21/07

I just love your products....I really believe in what you have done, AND my skin has become something it has never been, soft and healthy!!

S.W., Texas


Date: 01/23/2007
Title: Cured my Dry Skin! 

I have extremely dry skin and had a terrible time finding relief until I discovered Pure Complexions. With the help of their friendly and informative staff I finally found a regime that worked for me. After starting their products, it took about 4 weeks till my dry complexion completely resolved. I am so pleased with the results I thought Id share my regime. I use the Organic Makeup Company's Tea Tree and Peppermint Facial Cleanser twice a day. After washing my face, I apply Organic Excellence's Silk Protein Formula during the day and C-Max at night. Under my eyes I use Real Purity's Eye and Throat Crme during the day and Key's Eye Butter at night. My skin is so much healthier now, it looks and feels great. My family even complimented my complexion. During the first few weeks I also had to use Devita's Hyaluronic Acid SeruGel to really hydrate my skin, but things are so good now I no longer need it. I can even use mineral makeup now, which was too dry for my skin before!

 Terri M., Indiana


Date: 01/21/2007

Hi!  I just want to let you know how thrilled I was to receive my order so quickly!  I also appreciated being informed via email when the product I was interested in was back in stock.  What a first class business!!  Keep up the great work I will definitely be a return customer!

Alicia O., PA

  Date: 12/10/2006

You asked me to let you know how my daughter was doing on the products that we ordered 1 month ago (Dakota Free Soap Bar & Real Purity Shampoo).  I'm glad to tell you that her skin (eczema like rash) has improved by about 75%. Thank you so much for your help. One more thing. The Real Purity Native Earth Shampoo lathers up really nice.  That is a plus with my daughter's long hair.  From working in the Salon, I know that people like lather.  Most natural shampoos do not do this.  Nice.

Heidi E., South Dakota

  Date: 5/15/2006

I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU Pure Body Solutions for your wonderful products! I am so glad there is a place that I can go to get truly SAFE products, especially since I somehow developed eczema a little over a year ago. I can really tell a difference between something with a lot of synthetic ingredients and one without, it makes a HUGE difference in how my entire day runs! Thank you so much for posting the article about eczema, it was extremely helpful to me and eased some of the frustrations that the dermatologists have left me with. They tell you just to use a prescription steroid cream to push everything back under the skin and there's nothing else you can do about it. That is so aggravating, it doesn't FIX the problem, it only puts it off temporarily. So thank you, very, very much for letting me know that there are better, safer, more effective options out there. I expect to be a longtime customer. Have a great day!

K.C., Texas